Alexander Technique Our body has a rhythm in which it breathes and in which it goes into its natural direction. Like a flower and a tree grow. Like the movement of the sea and its waves. We listen to this rhythm. We learn again how to interrupt it less. This isn`t something we do not know. As children we were familiar with a more balanced relation to our body. This relation was accessible to us. It happened by itself.

Now it needs a part of our attention.

With the Alexander Technique we think into our body and build up contact with it again. We regain the ability we have as human beings, to regulate our nervous system and allow ourselves to let go of tension.

The Alexander Technique helps us to break habitual patterns that restrict our abilities.

Frederick Matthias Alexander recognized 2 essential things. That the relationship of the neck, the head and the back to each other, which he called the primary control, is crucial to the way the rest of the body works; and that the body and the mind form an inseparable unity.

In his most famous book, The Use of the Self, he describes his path in the founding of the Alexander Technique.                                                                                                                    

For whom The Alexander technique can relieve pain. It is a valuable tool for musicians, dancers and actors. For seekers, the Alexander Technique offers a path to further development. The experience in the lesson, to be able to influence the system constructively, we take into our lives. In any activity, the Alexander Technique is applicable and useful. It is the means of contact with ourselves and how we use ourselves, we as instrument No. 1 so to speak.

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