I first encountered the Alexander Technique during my acting training in Athens.
The detailed body experience impressed me.
The technique supported me in dealing with pressure during constant overwork.
Continuously I learned to deal with myself in a more balanced and free way.

Our body has a rhythm in that it breathes. It also has a dynamic in which it goes into its natural alignment. Similar to a flower that is blooming and a tree that is growing. We explore this dynamic
and learn to be contact with it.

By consciously working on our skill to regulate our nervous system,
we open the contact to a free body and unfold more of our potential.

Relief is provided for back, shoulder and neck pain.
In strenuous activities such as sitting for many hours in front of the computer screen, while playing an instrument, dancing, playing sports as well as lecturing and when being exposed to mental stress, relieve is provided.

Individual Lesson …