Selection of projects

July 2022 `blooming In-between the Rails` for the tribute to Masaki Iwana
group performance in the old railway station in Eleysina

April 2022 `Dead birds eye` – a dialog with Chekov´s seagull
Solo performance, ARTos House Nicosia , Cyprus

January 2021 `Hurricane` group performance with Valentin Tszin in the brick boat Berlin

August 2020 `via lactéa` poetry and video performance recorded in the mountains of Crete for „101 Remote Seasons # la differance „ Valentin Tszin and Butohspielplatz for 30° Festival de Poesía de Medellín

August 2019 `What grows in the shadows` with Tudy Delinge, Sierra Kinsora and Susan El-Hosri
percussion Lé Quan Ninh, for the dance festival „Couleur de silence“ La maison du butoh blanc

January 2016 ’Nostalgico’ solo in ’Kein Wintermärchen’ Performances at Funkhaus Berlin Organization and realazation Butoh Labor Berlin

October 2015 ’Once upon no time’ Butoh Performance project in Athens, solo / duo / improvisation A Cooperation of Baumstraße Athens and Butoh Labor Berlin

September 2015 ‚Rope Berry‘ Performance Project by Valentin Tszin and Katsura Ota at Akut Berlin

August 2015 ’Bitter Light’ Solo for the ’Verda Utopio’ festival La Maison du butoh blanc in France

May 2015 ’It was not a bad one’ Duo Butoh performance for the ’dance direct’ festival La Maison du Butoh Blanc in France

November 2014 ’NIS captured’, solo for ’Nothingness’ Butoh Performance Night Tatwerk Berlin Organization and realization Butoh Labor Berlin

May 2014 ’Ghost’ duo for the performance project Ghost Nature Essentials Experience Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf

March 2014 ’First step out’ solo for ’butoh spring’ performance night Tatwerk Berlin

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