Through dance the body becomes poetry.
A poetical dialog between spectator, performer and space can happen.

My artistic work is inspired by the dance art of Butoh.
The space in which we dance is where conventional and constitutional understanding of being is called into question.
A space where sensing, thinking, feeling, touching and being touched is essential. Where these essential processes are being explored. Where the truth of the body and its material is put in the foreground.
It is the space where my deep wish for communication is nourished and could be accomplished…

As this kind of dance does not arise from ideas and preconceived concepts, where does it arise from?
It arises from the body itself and its surrounded time and space.
It appears as an independent organism that has its own time, space and motivation.
It is connected with our truth, a deep cut leading to our identity.
How to let the space open for the dance entity to appear?
This exciting question forms my motivation.

Projects …

Dancer Marina Epp und Iphigenia Vogiatzaki